Jennifer McGrail, RYT, YYT, Nutritional Consultant, and Raw Foods Chef

I’m a mom and a wife who, in 2005, followed a long-held dream and moved my family to the beautiful desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

I have been passionate about all things health and wellness for as long as I can remember, so after I got my nutritional consultant certificate in 2010, taking a yoga teacher training became the next logical step.  What I love about yoga is that it allows this busy mom to slow down and just be.  By all means, I am still new to the discipline, having only regularly practiced for the past few years.  But the beauty of yoga is that it is a lifelong practice, one that is completely individual to each and every person.   If there are 20 students in the room, there will be 20 different warriors, and 20 different downward dogs, and 20 different trees.   Yoga is not about trying to achieve perfection, but about connecting with – and honoring – your body and where it’s at in each and every pose.  It’s about being right there in the moment, feeling strength, feeling calm, and feeling peace.

My love for yoga and wellness has naturally led to my wanting to share it with others.  I believe that our bodies are our temples, and that it’s up to us to take care of them.

Curious about the word, “qavah”?  Check out my FAQ page for its meaning, and why I chose it.