Recipe: Homemade Almond Milk

I always loved the *idea* of homemade almond milk, but for some reason the prospect always struck me as tedious and time-consuming.

Well, I finally made it for the first time this week, and it is ridiculously and almost embarrassingly easy (and oh so much better than its store-bought counterpart!)  Because you make it yourself, you have total control of how sweet it is and how it’s flavored.

The only equipment you need is a good blender and something fine to strain your milk in.  I used this reusable nut bag, which works great, or you can use a fine mesh strainer, cheese cloth, or even some disposable paint strainer bags.

Here’s what you need:

1 Cup Almonds

3 Cups Water, plus more to soak in

3 Dates, pitted and soaked (or another natural sweetener such as raw honey) – optional

1/8 tsp (or to taste) pure vanilla extract – optional

Put the almonds in a bowl, and cover them with a couple of cups of water.  Let them soak in the refrigerator overnight.  Drain off the soaking water, rinse the almonds, and add them in your blender along with the 3 cups fresh water and sweetener and flavoring if you choose.   Blend it all really well, and then strain.  Put the milk in a pitcher or another container that can be covered and refrigerated.  Save the pulp that’s leftover in a ziploc bag, and then head to to find a yummy raw recipe to use it in.  (Might I suggest the cinnamon mocha crinkles?)

(photo by roboppy)

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